Friday, June 3, 2016

Childhood Dreams

My childhood dreams consisted of a number of ambitious careers. My sister and brother are about ten years older than me so while I was a young child they were deciding what they wanted to study in college. This influenced my dreams to be more realistic and career-based rather than something more fictional such as “I want to be a princess”.
The earliest dream I remember is, wanting to be a veterinarian. This was because my aunt found a litter of abandoned newborn kittens in her backyard. My family brought them inside and bottle-fed them until we were able to contact a shelter. This gave me the goal of caring for animals when I grow up.
Later on my dream shifted to children rather than animals, I wanted to be a pediatrician. My brother had just decided to study to become pharmacist, which influenced me to want to be a doctor of some sort. My cousins and I made a plan my older cousin and I would become pediatricians and open up our own clinic. My brother would be our pharmacist, my sister would be the manager, and my younger cousin would be a delivery nurse who would refer patients to us.  This dream was quite far fetched and died out quickly.
Next I wanted to be a medical examiner. At this point I was maybe about eleven and I realized that being an actual doctor was a lot more work than I was willing to put in. I was really interested in mysteries and thought that forensics would be a good area. A medical examiner would combine the doctor and the forensics interests.

Recently I wanted to be a filmmaker. I love filming and editing videos with my cousins and I would have loved to make it into a career. Now my experience with the tech crew made my interest in the technical area even stronger. I am looking to study communications in college focusing on the production of film and radio. I am also considering minoring in computer forensics or cyber security. While I may not go on to reach all of my dreams I hope I can achieve them by gaining the qualities of those professions.

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